Monday, 3 March 2014

Sudden Chest Pain

it's me
hello all friends I don't know why last night my chest suddenly pain and heat.
around 22:30 when I was busy chatting in whatsapp app with my best friend
without ever I suspect my chest suddenly feel pain and heat.
then i'm ran to the bathroom, I tried to spit up the taste was not good in my mouth.
but my chest increased pain and heat.
really i'm feel confused, fear, because here i'm alone.
no one stay here with me, i don't know what should I do.
then I decide to take a cup of water for I drink
because I think after I drink a water then the pain and heat will reduced from my chest.

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Being a Teacher is My Dream

it's me
jiahahaa,,, want a laugh by loudly when I read the title above.
why should I dream becoming a teacher ??? even I just a housekeeper.
and I finished school just up to junior high school !!!
also I have no experience to be a teacher.
i have no ability to be a teacher.
all it is just a dream, dream and dream.
but I'm wonder why just now I have dream like that.
previously I never ever dreaming to become a teacher.

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Benefits of Wearing Hats

it's me
Hello  meet  again  with  me  +Muya Devoteeshonesty   as usual  I  always   say  good  morning  in the  morning.     may  we  all  always  in  good  health, and  I  hope    we  all  always   happy   in  all   conditions.    benefits  of  wearing  hats  this  is the  title  of  this  article.     I  think  we all   know  what  a  hat?   and    we   all   ever   wear  a  hat,  for  example  in   the   picture  above   I  wearing  a  hat.      and   maybe   we  all  also   know   about  the  benefits   of   wearing  hats  !!!    but   no   harm   if   here   I  share .  because  with   we  all  share   each   other...   then   it    can  makes   us   know   more   about   everything.     &nbsp

Friday, 21 February 2014

The Meatballs are my Favorite Food

image from google+

Good morning friends living and life
How are you all ??? in good health,,, right ???
yeah I wish we are all always in good health and ALLAH always protect us.
In my new home|my new blog,,, here I will share the meatballs are my favorite food
ever since I was a kid I one of people who are already fond of meatballs.
For me these meatballs is very delicious food, the price also affordable.
These meatballs are made from a mixture of meat and flour. then formed be rounded granules.

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

The Benefits of Using a Watch

it's me

Hello friends meet again with me muya cute here in my new blog.
good morning,,, I wish you are all always in good health.
and ALLAH always protect us in all conditions.
Today I came here I want to write about: the benefits of using a watch
what is it a watch??? I'm sure you all knows what it is a watch.
so here I'll not talk about what is the meaning of a watch.
Maybe we are often found some people using a watch and even we all ever using a watch though just 2-3st only.

My hair style

it's me

Hello,,,, good evening,,,
This is my new looks, my new style!!!
In this occasion I will write a little about my hair style
but maybe I just writing a little only.
because this is just introductions between us.
hmmm I'm feel very glad because today I try to create new blog.